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Our Story

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Misneach (Mish-nock) Remedies was created by Jennie Tipple, a thirty something year old from County Wicklow, Ireland. It all began in a quiet-ish house in Wiltshire where Jennie, Harry, Síofra, Jasper and Cara (our dog) lived happily albeit with some asthmatic issues. 


Jennie, a believer of all things magical, spiritual and a lover of seeing the positive in everything and everyone, a lover of nature, candles, room sprays, pillow mists and beautiful scents, concocted a plan to start her own small, sustainable, well-being business that would help and enhance others...


A business that would encourage people to read the labels to ensure the products that they were purchasing are safe for all the family. A business that focused on sourcing ethical ingredients with packaging that is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and reusable. 


Natural home fragrances and services that would not only offer a clean, natural and positive way of life but one that would enhance the spirit whilst offering all of the benefits of nutrient rich essential oils and botanicals that would remedy any negativity. Misneach (Mish-nock), a beautiful Irish word, meaning Courage, Spirit and Fortitude sprung to mind.

Thus Misneach Remedies was born. 

Jessie, Ireland

“Carefully thought out essential oil blends. Firm favourite is the Focus candle to keep me on task when working from home."


Susie, Scotland

"Love this pillow mist, definitely helps me nod off easier."

Anne, England

“I have been using parrafin wax candles with synthetic fragrances without any knowledge or understanding of how bad they are for me, I love this candle range.”
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