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The term 'Natural' in the Candle World

The term 'natural': Within the candle world, anyone can call themselves 'natural' as the term is unregulated. Anyone who adds even the most minuscule amount of natural ingredients can label their products as 'natural' despite large amounts of chemicals...

As we know, certain synthetic ingredients release harmful allergens, are a hormone disruptor and give out nasty carcinogens. Should you, your family or your beloved pets be ingesting these substances? Absolutely not!

Misneach Remedies is a small NATURAL brand that cares about you and yours. Misneach wants you to read the list of ingredients, enjoy beautiful scents and enhance your spirit through the therapeutic benefits of our beautiful essential oils.

Rest assured that Misneach's Candles have

- 100% Natural Essential Oils - 100% Natural Soy Wax - 100% Natural Cotton Wick - Therapeutic Benefits for wellbeing - Vegan plant based products - Cruelty free - Sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients & packaging - Handcrafted in small batches by me, Jennie, founder and creator

I have selected certain essential oils for specific positive and therapeutic effects to enhance your spirit.

My wellbeing collection includes:

- Peace - Focus - Happy ️- Breath

- Sensual

My Garden collection includes: - Fresh - Floral - Citronella

My limited edition collection includes : - Christmas

Get your candles, melts, room sprays and diffusers here or at least share this post and educate others about natural products -

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